ARS job placement specialists match applicant qualifications with client needs. Since each applicant may have diverse work experiences, ARS will complete a comprehensive "Employee screening profile".

Other important documents that we will fax or email for completion and return:

·         Employment application

·         Policies and Procedures

·         W4

·         I9·         Trade specific screening test·         Trade specific tool list

The employee screening profile should contain specific information about the applicant that details specific skills, training, certifications, and other pertinent employment information.  The applicant should elaborate on their experience with specific measurable attributes along with the jobs that utilized those skill sets. The more specific the better since the attributes and skills will be matched to the client needs.

The employment application can be augmented with a resume. The employment application shall contain information relevant to the applicant. The information requested is personal, education, employment history, references, general information and release, and certification sections. The dates for employment history must be complete without gap. If there’s not enough room in the  employment history section, then the additional employment history can be included as an attachment.

ARS performs reference checking by contacting each employer listed on the application or resume. Thus, an applicant that does not want their previous employer contacted must designate that intent clearly on the application.

The ARS policies and procedures identify basic rules of conduct. It must be signed and returned to acknowledge receipt and understanding.

The W4 is required for payroll processing. Address changes must be submitted in writing on a new W4 form.

The I9 is required for employment eligibility. Advanced Resource Solutions, L.L.C. is an equal opportunity employer. All employees will be considered for employment without regard to race, religion, color, sex, age, ancestry, national origin, marital status, veteran status, medical condition, handicap, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation or any other status protected by law.

ARS has numerous screening tests that have been tailored for each trade. The screening test will be scored and the results will determine pay and qualification. The questions have been gathered from our clients and from the variety of code books.

ARS works with our clients to make sure that each craftsman is armed with the appropriate tools required to perform his duties efficiently. The tool list is comprised of general tools a person requires to perform duties in their trade. We confirm the items on the tool list with the client to determine whether there are additional needs or reductions in the tool list. The ARS job placement specialist will provide each candidate with a tool list that must be acquired prior to commencing employment. Candidates should inform ARS of any tools that they do not have.

At the request of our clients, the candidates may be required to provide a copy of their DMV report, submit to pre-employment drug testing, social security number and background checks.


Once approved for work, an ARS job placement specialist will contact you with all of the pertinent information for employment.

We value employees and will keep you informed of pertinent information that you may require for your job. If you have any questions, we will expedite an answer and solutions to your concerns.