The typical  pay period is from Saturday – Friday with overtime accrued after 40 hours worked, unless the work location state has a differing policy.

Overtime is determined by the state guidelines. Some state guidelines mandate that overtime be accrued after eight hours with double time after twelve hours worked and overtime for the sixth day worked given that the regular hours exceeds forty. Other states have a guideline where a employee is paid overtime after forty hours of work.

Employees are paid based on the contents of the timesheet. Client timesheets are accomodated, as requested. Each timesheet must have the corresponding job number written on the sheet. The timesheets must be signed/approved by the client foreman or responsible party.

ARS processes employee timesheets weekly. Our referred payroll processing company deducts lawful taxes and court ordered deductions, when applicable.

Paychecks are typically delivered to the jobsite and will be distributed by the on-site supervisor on the same day that the company’s regular employees are paid. If jobsite payment is not convenient to the client contractor, then paychecks will be mailed to each employee's designated location.

Direct deposit is accomodated. A direct deposit form along with a VOIDED copy of a check from the account must be provided. The direct deposit process typically takes 2 weeks to process.

Contact our corporate office to arrange direct deposit at the numbers provided in the "Contact Us" section.