1. What’s the benefit of using a placement service?

Answer: ARS employs people to search out qualified candidates.  We are a complete HR solution.  When a client has staffing needs, we organize a recruiting force to ensure that we find the most qualified trades people to fulfill the job needs.  Our group of trained recruiters performs internet searches, database searches and works with a myriad of partners to find and qualify workers for your projects.  We will assist in getting craftsmen licensed, as needed.  We work within our client's requirements and provide information to the client, as required and requested.  We comply with the client’s paperwork, interview, screening and hiring needs. 

Our service is performed nationally.  Therefore, one phone call to our office will commence the process of finding qualified workers, wherever your next project is located.  To minimize expense, our searches start locally and move out in a radius to maximize the potential of finding qualified workers within the client’s time frame and budget. 

After an effective 90-day trial period (13 40+ hour work weeks), any employee that you are interested in transferring to direct can be done by simply not turning in a timesheet.  There are no transfer fees!!!

We handle all aspects of hiring, worker’s compensation, unemployment and payroll.  ROF becomes our issue along with injury and payroll-related issues.  We specialize in HR. 

2. Why use an out-of-state agency?
Answer: Using the technology of Internet, computers and telephone, non-local agencies can assist companies in finding qualified workers without the usual local paradigm.  We search within the local territory without hesitating to go farther away to match qualified workers with the open job opportunities.  If local labor is available, we can find them.  If not, we can find qualified candidates willing to travel.

3. What’s the advantage of temporary?

Answer: Employees are covered with liability insurance, worker’s compensation, and unemployment insurance.  For temporary staffing needs, External coverage will minimize your risk. 

4. What’s the benefit of temporary to permanent placements?

Answer:  Permanent placements can be a costly solution.  Therefore, ARS employs a pay as you go strategy.  You pay for work performed.  After an effective  90-day trial, an employee can be transferred at no additional cost.  Most companies can determine whether an employee will fit their corporate culture within 90 days.

5. We really like interviewing folks face-to-face but, we don't have the Hr personnel to profile, test and background check all of the applicants.  Can ARS perform the screening process and direct applicants to us for in-person interviews?
Answer: Yes, we will acquire and screen all applicants and will schedule interviews for you.

6. Are there any fees for signing up with your company?
Answer: No, there are no sign up fees associated with working with ARS. Applicants can apply for work and clients can submit account applications with no service fees.

7. How much lead time does your company require for employee requests?
Answer: We do not have a specific lead time requirement. However, the more time provided will result in better matched employees for your projects. Most customers make ARS their HR partners, allowing us to be part of the manpower planning and forecasting process. Thus, ARS can provide the best resource solutions to meet the client's projects needs.

8. How long must your employees work for us before we can transfer them to our payroll? Are there additional transfer fees for employees transitioning to our company?
Answer: The ARS employee has a thirteen 40 hour work week, trial period, to qualify for a temp to hire. The employee must work for the trial period before becoming permanent to the client’s company. After the trial period, the employee(s) can be transferred with NO additional fees.
9. When is the pay period?
Answer: Our pay period is from Saturday through Friday with timesheets due to our company on the following Monday mornings. This allows our payroll department the time necessary to ensure that all employees get paid on time.  However, we are flexible and will use the client pay week as long as the ending day is between Thursday and Sunday.  

10. How do paychecks get distributed?
Answer: The paychecks will be either mailed to the employee's address or over-nighted to the job site or location specified by the client for distribution. We pay weekly. However, the distribution of the paychecks is dependent on the client's normal pay schedule to their regular employees. We also accommodate direct deposit.

11. What’s your overtime policy?
We utilize the policy determined by the client and state guideline. Some states require overtime after forty hours worked while other states provide overtime after eight hours of work with double time after twelve hours worked. We pay and bill for overtime based on the agreement made with the client companies and state guidelines.

12. Will you accommodate our timesheets?
Answer: Yes, as long as the timesheets have the following information: job name, worksite location, company name, employee names, daily hours and sub-total of hours per employee, week ending date and signature from authorized client representative.

13. How often do you invoice?
Answer: We invoice weekly for our services. We support job costing and purchase order placement. We will provide a single invoice for each job by job number or PO. If the client does not job cost, we will provide an invoice per timesheet or grouped all as a single invoice. Our billing department can accommodate invoice generation to support our client's needs.

14. What is included in the fees for your employees?
Answer: The billable rate includes: search, screening, worker's compensation, liability insurance, all payroll processing functions, unemployment insurance coverage, employer share of taxes, and HR.  We can coordinate interviews with our clients, as required.  We can send resumes, as required.  We specialize in skilled trades: Electrician, Plumber, Pipefitters, + certification requirements.  We can do special services: drug test, background checks, DMV reporting, we E-Verify.

Specials* - Drug test, background checks,  DMV reporting.

* Additional charges may apply.

15. Do you have any kind of guarantee for the quality of employee provided?
Answer: Yes, we have a quality guarantee. Although ARS tries to understand the job/employee requirements and performs screening testing, reference checking and skills assessments prior to hire, we occasionally send out a worker that does not meet your hiring expectations. If this happens, let us know within the first four (4) hours of the assignment, and we will provide a replacement. Since your satisfaction is important to us, you will not be charged for the unsatisfactory work.

16. Can I refer a company to use your services? Are there any benefits?
Answer: Yes, we appreciate all referrals.